Thursday, April 14, 2005


So I haven't updated in a while on what I've decided to do. Unfortunately, I wasn't a candidate for the clinical trial of the pulsatile GnRH (on two counts - male factor and I don't bleed on Provera). So, ahead with Conveyor it is.

At the moment I'm back on the pill, with plans to do shots of Repronex once I go off and CB shows her evil face. Going with a really low dose (the vials are 75IU, I've been told to start with 50IU, as we basically have no clue how my body will actually respond to some kind of female hormones.) If there's anyone else out there with the same condition (HA) that's gone through this, I'd love to hear from you... what kind of hormone dose was needed for you? How did you feel? I just really have no idea what to expect. I don't want to pay for all this and then not even make it to the insemination part!

I think I mentioned a while ago that I had been a complete dimwit as far as insurance goes. I work for a company in MA which offers insurance with coverage for infertility treatment. But, not realizing in Nov of last year when we had to decide about insurance that we would need the infertility treatments, we had decided to go with M's insurance, out of CA, that does not offer coverage. Regretting that now, for sure! So for the moment, I found another insurance company where we can get additional insurance to cover the infertility.

It'll cost the same for the first month (because of an $1K deductible), but only half as much in following months. So we decided to go ahead with it - if I *happen* to get pregnant the first time (I know, I know, wishful thinking!) then we're not out any more than we would have been without the insurance. If it doesn't work, then we're saving ~$1K per cycle.

Only issue is that I may have to put off starting the hormone for an extra three weeks - there may be a 30 day waiting period for the new insurance to kick in. I hate waiting, but I think I can manage a few more weeks... Although I'm still feeling completely bloated and yucky from this new pill. I actually had to go out and buy some new pants! Got them from Old Navy for only $6.67/pair though, that was a nice find. I took them up to the register thinking they would be $20 each, but they rang up for the $6.67. Sweet!

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