Tuesday, April 05, 2005

please, tell me it's the hormones!

I got sent to Amsterdam for work - to a conference, to give a talk in place of my boss. His wife is due at the end of April... he thought he'd be okay, but she has mild hypertension so they might have to induce her sooner than that. So here I am.

Took the red-eye last night, landed in Amsterdam at 7 this morning. Despite a Xanax for the ride, I couldn't get any sleep (there was one little girl, about three, who talked / laughed the ENTIRE night. Her mother didn't say a single word. I wanted to turn around and let her know how pleased I was that her daughter was enjoying herself, but could she at least *try* to keep her quiet so that the other hundred people on the plane could get some sleep? Why is it that people are so inconsiderate?).

Anyway, got to the hotel, took a nap, showered and got ready for the conference. I was giving a talk, so I brought some nice pants and a button down shirt. When I tried to put them on - HOLY SHIT! They didn't fit. I don't mean they were tight, they didn't fit! I had to wear my pants unbuttoned all day, and a sweater instead of the shirt I was going to wear.

I was completely flipping out, until I remembered that I had started taking the pill last Friday night (trial for pulsatile GnRH didn't work out - must have normal male). I've *never* gained weight on the pill before, but this is a different formulation that what I've taken. So I'm hoping (praying) that that's what it is. But the kicker of it all? The only place I haven't gained anything is in my boobs -the one place where I could actually stand to add a bit! Isn't life a bitch!

I actually noticed it on Saturday night, when I went to put on some pants I've had for ages that have always fitted me perfectly - even those were a bit tight... enough that I actually took them off and changed into something else instead. Is it possible that the hormones could affect my weight *that* quickly?

Gah. The hormone ride over the next couple of months in going to be very interesting indeed. I've been reading TCOYF recently, and I don't think I've ever ovulated. EWCM? I really don't think I've ever experienced that. Gah.

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