Sunday, April 03, 2005

Home video tip...

When I was a kid, my grandfather used to take 8mm movies of us every now and again. I remember watching them from time to time growing up... but no-one had seen them for years and years. I finally found them, in a closet, when we were in SA for our vacation.

I borrowed a movie projector from my in-laws, and sat down with great excitement to watch them. Not to see myself, but to see my father and grandfather, both of whom passed away ~10 years ago. Unfortunately, almost all of the movies were of the kids - my sister, cousins and me. There a fair number of shots of parent's / grandparent's legs, but full shots are few and far between.

I would really have loved to see a bit more of my dad and grandpa. So when we have a kid (okay, if), I'm going to make sure that we take videos of them, sure - but also of us and my mom, so that when the kid(s) grow up and want to see what we were like at their age, they'll be able to. Videos are so much nicer than photos.

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Molly said...

True -- adults never get enough screen time. And they're usually the funniest to watch as well because their clothes and hairstyles always look RIDICULOUS.