Wednesday, August 24, 2011

All still well. Supposedly.

Had my first ultrasound yesterday.

Immediately saw a big black blob in my uterus = good.

Doc then went to check my ovaries - still somewhat enlarged, but not bad, and a nice corpus luteum on each side.

Back to big black blob. Only one = good.

My heart sank though, because that was all I saw so i thought it was a blighted ovum or something.

But, when doc zoomed in, he claimed he could see the yolk sac and fetal pole, and even measure the crown-rump length which was 5w5d, so right where it should be (theoretically 5w6d according to ER date).

I saw some white shmutz, but I guess if he says it was a yolk sac and fetal pole I should probably believe him.

No hb. I *know* it's early. But we did see one at 5w6d with A, so in my heart of hearts I was expecting to see it, despite telling everyone (and trying to tell myself) that I had no expectations going in.

It totally makes sense that we didn't see a hb - with my betas running three days behind where they were with A, I should really consider that I was 5w3d yesterday, which is WAAAAAY too early.

So theoretically everything is chugging along as it should be. And I started feeling a little queasy today, 6w exactly, which is right on schedule.

And in a way I think it's better that we didn't see a hb because if we don't when i go back next Thursday it won't be quite the same shock as if we did see one today and then it stopped.


Trying to be zen. I know there is nothing that I can do to affect whatever the outcome will be so trying to just focus on other things and hope the time passes quickly.


Josey said...


Keep in your zen mode honey. You know it was early to hear a HB. I can't wait to read your joyful post next week b/c you've seen that awesome flicker on the screen!

Susannah said...

I am no expert but I think there must be good reason that docs (and REs) usually wait until after 6 weeks to schedule u/s. It will be okay! Will be thinking of you next week.

♥ JAM said...

Zen zen zen zen.
I am thinking good thoughts for you, and thinking of you!


Rebecca said...

Yea for the queasiness. I know it's disappointing not to have seen a heartbeat, but I'm sticking with the thought that it was just too soon. And hoping that the next 7 days pass quickly for you.

Ceejay said...

We couldn't even see any yolk sac at about 5w4d. I think you're right where you should be! I hope the queasies are just enough to reassure you but not make you miserable.