Wednesday, August 10, 2011

PIO update

Went to see the nurse this morning. Apparently we have been doing the shots in completely the wrong place, and in the wrong way. HA.

The day I took my trigger shot, I spoke to the nurse after my u/s and she gave me a general idea of where to do the shots, but we both thought I would be there the following day for another one, so she just gave me a general idea of where to do it, but didn't draw circles or anything.

So when I did do the trigger shot that night, we watched the Village pharmacy tutorial, and picked the locations for the shots based on that and what the nurse had said (about where your thumb goes when you're putting hands on hips).

Well, today's nurse drew circles further down and further outside, much more on the fleshy part of my bum. She also said that rather than stretching the skin out, which is what the VP tutorial had said, that DH should pinch a sizeable amount (of blubber) and then do the shot into that.

So, we'll see how that goes.

And, I totally chickened out of asking for an early beta since the conversation with the nurse was so short and to the point. So three more sleeps 'til that.


A m a n d a said...

Well I'm glad you know where to do it now! Ouch! The fleshier the better...makes sense!

Aw man..I was hoping for a beta...cause I KNOW it's going to be positive :)

Josey said...

OUch ouch ouch. Glad you figured out the problem.

Ahhh- you're killing me smalls. Can't wait to hear about the beta!!

sarah (SHU) said...

i have no idea how you are not POASING right now!!!!! if i could i would do it for you. really thinking positive thoughts about this one!!!!

Rebecca said...

I'm glad the location is more clear now. Hopefully you won't have any more repeats of last night!

Also, try the pinching approach, but don't be afraid to use the stretching approach if it works better for you. We used to pinch, but R re-read the instructions since it had been 4 years since we'd done PIO, and it said to stretch. I was skeptical at first, but I feel the needle going through the skin more when we pinch than when we stretch.

Either way, the biggest key will be doing it in the fleshy area.

Also - you're very patient not to POAS. I'm impatiently waiting to hear what your results are. I thought my clinic was long at 14dpo, but yours has it beat. (Our first IVF clinic did beta #1 at 12dpo.)

Susannah said...

oh my gosh i also have no idea how you are not poas right now....really hoping for you, Nico.