Thursday, May 11, 2006

Random collection

I went out to dinner with a friend last night, and got full way more quickly than I’m used to. I think my stomach must be getting squished now. I couldn’t even finish my dessert. And that has *never* happened before!

I still haven't done anything about setting up a nursery. Despite various people telling me that cribs can take months to get in, if you want to order one. I'm just not ready yet. We were going to go and take our first look at furniture a few weeks ago, but ended up going to a car dealership instead to test drive the station wagon we're thinking of getting. Somehow that is much less frightening to me than going furniture shopping.

I’m also mostly still wearing my non-maternity tops. I know that other people have complained time and time again, but maternity clothes really are awful. They’re just like big tents. As if I should be embarrassed about being pregnant, and do my best to make it look like no, I’m just wearing clothes that are 47 sizes too big for me.

But then sometimes I feel like I should be hiding it. There’s a woman at my office who has been trying to have kids for over 5 years. I had a feeling… she was telling me about her new puppy a little while ago and said something like, “since we don’t have kids, we figured we’d get a dog”. So when I officially came out at work, I happened to mention to her that it had taken us quite a while to finally get here. So we talked about it a bit. But I feel really bad for her – not only am I pregnant, but so are two other women I work directly with, as well as a few others in our department. I imagine sometimes how I would feel if I hadn’t gotten pregnant when I did, having the other two around who both managed it easily. And she must feel ten times worse, given that she’s been trying for so much longer. I don’t think there’s anything I can do though to make it better for her. Which sucks.

I think that Phred is still head up, because I have yet to feel kicks anywhere but way down low, by my “vajayjay” (thanks, Dr. Bailey). I’m looking forward to him going head down so I can actually see the movement, and M can feel it more than just once in a blue moon.

Speaking of Grey’s Anatomy, what a heart-wrencher on Sunday! I bawled my eyes out at the end. And then I almost bawled when Chris was voted off Id0l. What a shame. I *really* do not see what the judges see in Elliot. I completely thought that Chris would win it all. Of course, I never voted, so I can’t really complain, can I?


Well-heeled mom said...

I love Grey's Anatomy, too! Regarding American Idol? I am not going to watch anymore. I have lost complete faith in the American people for voting Chris off. OMG!

Fitgrl said...

I absolutely concur with not supporting ridiculous Idol - Chris was the best thing that ever happened to that show...talented and HOT! On the upside it will probably work out way better for him in the end as he will definitely get picked up and won't have to wear the 'American Idol' banner!

After trying everything under the sun to get my cycle back on my own I am gonig to start my first cycle of fert meds tonight...who would have thought that I would be exctied to jab myself with a needle!!

Wish me luck!!

the mighty one said...


Newbie here who just found your blog. I'm another HA chick. Sigh. I was just told to put on some lbs to try to bring my hormones back up. Its so nice to find others who have gone through the same experiences.....


One Mother's Journey said...

Chris was robbed!

elle said...

I hear you on the small stomach front - it's so bizarre - my appetite has definitely decreased since I've been pregnant. But I usually manage to squeeze in some dessert!