Saturday, November 05, 2005

I get to POAS!

My pre-IVF consult last week was somewhat frustrating, as you might have gathered from my top ten list. I did actually end up getting most of my questions answered, but getting a word in edgewise with Dr. Conveyor was tricky!

I learned that I will be taking Lupron because despite my body's apparent inability to make my own FSH/LH etc., they have seen cases where women with hypothalamic amenorrhea do start making them during treatment, thus interfering with what they're trying to do. So it's really a case of 'better safe than sorry'.

Because our sperm quality is borderline, they will determine whether to do ICSI or not on the day of fertilization. They'll look at the numbers and morphology in that sample, and decide based on that. I didn't realize that they could / would look at the morphology on the day, as they didn't for the IUI's. So that's nice to know.

I don't have many additional things to do before getting started - they told me I'd need an AF (antral follicle) scan on day 3, plus Dr. Conveyor wanted to get updated numbers for a lot of my hormones, so blood draw for that. No HSC because my uterus looked normal on the HSG I had earlier in the year (I'm not entirely clear on the difference between the two procedures, except that it sounds like the HSC doesn't involve radiation 'cause they would do it right at their office). Mock transfer and PAP scheduled for Tuesday afternoon. And then we have the IVF class and meeting with the social worker. That will be interesting. I'll have to convince M not to be a pain in the ass. 'Cause under most circumstances on a visit with a social-worker like person he totally would be.

Other things I learned - they prefer to do day 5 transfers, so will wait for that depending on embryo number / quality (although I did not find out what criteria they use to determine). If there are signs of OHSS they will freeze the embryos and do a transfer the following cycle, as OHSS without pregnancy resolves fairly quickly on its own. I do still need to ask what happens if you only have one embryo that makes it to day 5. I'd be so afraid that it wouldn't make it through the freeze / thaw - I'd almost rather get OHSS. What do you think?

And, of course, they use PIO rather than suppositories. In their experience it works better. I guess I can't argue with that, much as I want to. I know that plenty of you have used PIO and it's not that bad, but I'm going to have to do it myself at least half the time as M travels for work. And it is going to take a lot of mental courage screwing to do that.

You've probably been reading through this going "get to the POAS bit, damn you!". I love a little suspense every now and again!

I get to POAS (an ovulation predictor)because I don't, after all, have to be on the pill right away. The nurse had told me that they didn't want to do my AF scan now because it might be affected by having been on injectables last cycle. Of course that wasn't the impression I got from Conveyor, and that's part of the reason I was hating on the nurse in my last post. When I called earlier this week to confirm which it was, she told me that in fact I don't need any AF scan at all - their policies have just changed and if you already have one from an earlier cycle, they can use that. So I don't have to take bcp until December.

And that makes me feel better. So much better. Because although the chances of my actually ovulating on my own are slim to none, slim IS in town. And having that miniscule chance means that I can do something (i.e. use the fertility monitor a friend gave me at the beginning of the year). And whether it is futile or not, I far prefer doing something to just sitting on my hands for the next two months. When I go on the bcp in December it will be in preparation for IVF, which is doing something. This month I would just be passing time. And that sucked.


k #2 said...

Yeah, no BCP until Dec. and a serious plan in the works! Even though I don't ovulate on my own, I always felt better without bcp, just in case! Isn't it funny that we both feel that never know, I guess. Maybe this is the month your body goes "crazy!"

I've had mild/moderate OHSS each cycle with injectables, but never needed to be drained or hospitalized. I will admit it is uncomfortable -- totally messes with your digestive system and makes you feel like you have bowling balls in your abdomen. I guess I would try to make them be aggressive as they feel safe being! So glad that you appointment went well!

Pamplemousse said...

Nico, I am glad that you got most of your questions and fears dealt with at your appt. The waiting to start does really suck but at least you still have the hope at that point too.

thalia said...

Sounds like a plan, and I'm glad it's a plan that's making you happy. Let's hope you get to be the urban legend instead of me!

pixi said...

Wheels are in motion - so glad to hear it! I would love it, if you were to conceive before diving into all that. But either way, I hope that you can soon be saying "Yes!" to the question at the top of your blog.

elle said...

Glad that they were able to answer most of your questions - that must feel good. From what I hear, it can be difficult to get anyone to answer you, so this bodes well. I'm glad you get to "do something" this month. Goodness knows how f-ing hard it is to wait around. Hoping it happens for you soon - however it does.

Alexa said...

So glad you have a plan, and can do something in the meantime. The waiting and being on birth control is worse than the waiting not on birth control for me too--even though I ovulate like twice a year...ah well.
Good luck!

Chee Chee said...

I am glad that you have a good plan going forward. I really hope that you do ovulate on your own and that you'll receive some unexpectedly good news!

BTW -- I scrolled down and saw your dress. Wow! You made it yourself!! It's fabulous! Check you out!!!

fisher queen said...

Yeah, hate the sitting on my hands part. Let's get some action going around here!

NCD said...

As to the PIO and M travelling...

The first time I did IVF I had the PIO with all the normal stuff. I screamed every time. The needle was so painful and horrid. The next time I went to the Dr and explained to him.

He let me change needles to a 25 gauge 1" needle. It is a HUGE difference from 21 gauge and 1.5". As long as you aren't too heavy this needle should be alright for you, and I can do it by myself!

Of course I don't do them by myself if I can help it, but if I have to because H is travelling, I can.

Good luck!