Friday, April 22, 2011

I don't even know what to think.

I called the IVF clinic yesterday and have an appointment with an RE next Weds, and they've put in the slips for me to do CD3 b/w and u/s over the weekend. (I know!)

But, Still no sign of red anywhere. AND my temp was up quite high for me this morning. I had said that I wouldn't test again until tomorrow, but I have no willpower with tests in the house. So I peed on the second one of the pack that jumped into my basket.

And it was still stark snowy white.


I'm pretty sure that my O date is correct ( so what the hell?

I will call my RE's nurse today and ask if I can get a beta tomorrow if still no blood.

It almost has me thinking that maybe the pg tests are bad? Way to fuck with me, universe!!! At this point I'm just laughing about it.


Josey said...

WTH??? I looked at your chart and the O date definitely seems right. How FREAKING AWESOME would that be if you just had a bad pack of tests?? Ugh, the hope/sadness roller coaster just blows. Keep us in the loop!

Ceejay said...

Argh, I had a few cycles like that--very frustrating. I hope the tests are bad--your cycles are more predictable than mine were, so there's definitely a chance of that!