Monday, July 12, 2010

I MUST be imagining things.

I noticed a very small amount of EWCM last Wednesday, but just chalked it up to random post-D&C spewage. But I figured now that I had really stopped bleeding I might as well start temping and paying attention to things again, given I had the green light to start trying again. So I took my temp the next morning. Started checking my cervical position on Saturday, low, as I had expected.

BUT, yesterday I had a ton of EWCM, and my CP last night was way high. And then my temp was up to 97.9 this morning, which is well in the range of my usual post-O temps.

I'll have to temp for a few more days to confirm anything, and I'm trying very very hard not to get in the least bit hopeful (this is much quicker than my usual O's, normally I get 3-4 days of consistent EWCM, for one thing), and bms was not very well timed if in fact I did O, plus I'm expecting to be back to short LPs...

But if I did in fact O, HOLY SHIT!! I was so not expecting this for at least another few weeks given that I usually don't O until the CD20's.

So I think this must all just be wishful thinking!


Gundy said...

Nico, that's amazing news! You MUST have O'd, those are pretty indicative temps! So happy to read your post, it's made my day for sure. Thanks for your comments btw...they helped a lot. XO

mara said...

That's exciting Nico!! I think it is actually common to O more quickly after a miscarriage. Great news!