Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More updates

i've posted some new updates over at my other site if you're interested.  If you need the password, let me know.  :)


Rebecca said...

I need the password, please. My e-mail address is momto3dogs@yahoo.com. Thanks!

Shayla Blumbergs said...

Could I have the password to your new blog Nico? My email is shaylacarin@gmail.com. Thanks! xo

小捷 said...

may I have your pwd? My email address is jessie.bag@gmail.com. BTW, having been able to find your blog today means HUGE to me! I suffered from ED from 2005~2010 and have gained 17lbs during recovery. I have been off BCP since beginning of this year and had my own period twice. I think I still have the problem of restrict eating and maybe overexercising (6~7times/week, 1hour of elliptical each day). Yet I don't know how to conquer :(:(:(