Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Uterine update #1

I had my HSG today - okay news, but not great. One of my tubes appears to be blocked - the dye wouldn't go into that part of my uterus at all. The radiologist said that it could be that my uterus was spasming during the test and that's why - or it could be blocked. As one tends to ovulate from alternating sides, it likely means we'll only have a shot of getting pg every other month. And I'm pretty sure I O'ed from my right side (good tube) last month. So I think this month is likely going to be fruitless. Not that we won't try anyway, but not terribly hopeful. :-(

Should hear back from my doc tomorrow on scheduling u/s throughout my cycle (currently CD14 with snowy white OPKs), so hopefully we'll get some good news from those!


Eva said...

Ugh, so sorry! Did you have an HSG last time? Was there blockage then? I know how frustrating all of this can be, so I am really sorry about the every other month prospects. Hope you are doing okay (and not in too much pain, those HSG's are no fun).

Katie said...

Really sorry to hear that. Thinking about you.

Jenn said...

Don't count yourself out totally yet for this month. I tend to ovulate mostly from my right side and only occasionally from my left.

See, cycle after cycle of fertility treatments was good for something lol.

nancy said...

Hey there.

Just wanted to tell you a bit about my own story. 1) for the 1st two pregnancies - I had open tubes. Then when ttc#3, one side was blocked. Ended up having some scar tissue inside uterus most likely from the birth of baby #2. Did your doc say anything about an HSS? It's super simple and it's what pinpointed my blocked tube issue. 2) My right tube was the one that was blocked and each monitored cycle, I ovulated from my left. It's very common for one ovary to be dominant, so it may not be an every other month thing for you. :)

good luck!

Anonymous said...

How frustrating. I guess it is a good thing to get those dumb HSGs done, afterall.

Thinking of you!