Wednesday, November 07, 2007

And the reproductive endocringologist says...

We can go to injections probably starting next cycle.

I was totally taken aback. I was expecting at least a few months of lower intervention treatments before pulling out those guns again.

Needless to say, I am SO not going there, for a good long while. I had four failed injectibles cycles, thank you very much, so why exactly do we think all of a sudden this will work?

I am cycling on my own, despite their not being textbook cycles (okay, fairly far from textbook with the late ovulation AND short LPs), but I feel like we should be able to work with that.

What surprised me was that Dr. C. didn't seem to think that anything had changed with my HA status despite the fact that I AM cycling now. She still said that she didn't think that Clomid would do anything, based on my low e2 and LH levels from before. (b/w this time: e2=32, FSH 6.4, LH 3.2 - e2 is about what it was BA, LH is almost double, which I think is a good sign?)

She's doing a full IF workup on me, bloodwork, HSG scheduled for next week mostly because I had a C-section with Ant to check for adhesions, and bloodwork and SA for M as well. Also u/s throughout my cycle to see what's going on. Then we'll meet again on 12/4 to discuss.

She doesn't believe in LPD, which I've heard from a number of other sources, rather that it's a follicular phase defect - which makes a lot of sense to me. And is indicated by my rather long follicular phase (21 and 28 days so far, 8 and counting this cycle). So the u/s will hopefully help figure out whether my follicles are just not maturing properly, or if they are mature but there are problems with the corpus luteum.

I did manage to score some progesterone to use in my LP. I'm hoping that does the trick, and I won't need anything else.

I really thought that I had this fricking thing kicked.


Eva said...

How frustrating! I'm sorry you didn't get more encouraging feedback from the RE, though I guess in some ways it's good that she's not making you wait a year to do anything. I don't have any great words of encouragement, just to say I'm thinking of you and hope things are resolved!

OvaGirl said...

Just thinking of you Nico and hope that it goes more smoothly herein.

Emma B. said...

Wow, that sucks to get bounced back into infertility-land so quickly.

I'm glad she agreed to monitor you through this cycle, so you'll have a better picture of what's really going on. That's something, at least.

Em said...

I hope you get a handle on your cycles. BTW, while waiting to travel for IVF, I managed to get a progesterone prescription and conceived that month. I don't know if it helped or not, but the stars did align. Hope you have the same luck.

pixi said...

Yuck, it must be so disappointing to have to deal with all that. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you this month. I hope the test results are encouraging (and the tests aren't too tough) and that you won't have to deal with much in the way of treatment again.