Friday, May 11, 2007

Bad Mommy, part deux.

Yesterday I took Ant down to the park. First we walked to the construction site two houses down - it was relatively shady near our house, but when we got to the construction site it was quite sunny so I put his sunglasses on. He gave a little squawk, but seemed pretty okay with them. Then his hat, so his little fair head didn't get burned. After he seemed bored with the concrete truck, we walked down to the park. Went the long way so we could watch the dogs first. When we got to the area where the dogs hang out, we stopped to look at them for a while. The place we stopped was shady, so I took the glasses off because they're a bit tight and leave a mark, so if not for the sun I prefer to have them off. I noticed when I looked at them that they were a bit dirty. Held them up to my eyes, and once again, the poor kid couldn't see ANYTHING. They were so filthy with sunscreen, everything was a blur. Argh!


Eva said...

That's pretty funny Nico. Sounds like he is a pretty mellow kid!

Eva said...

Happy mother's day, bad mommy. I'm sure Ant has forgiven you by now and I hope you showers you with the love and kisses you deserve.

Bon said...

O won't leave the sunglasses on even if they're bright and shiny and rose-coloured, so i think Ant is obviously a well-mannered and charming child who knows that sunscreen is good for his eyes. :)

glad you're back, and i see you have been for awhile...i'm so pleased.