Monday, December 04, 2006


I am in a pissy mood today. It started at around 1am when M came upstairs to get ready for bed, and turned on the monitor in our bedroom where I was sleeping. Rather than taking it with him (which is what I always do) he left it there, and I got woken up from a deep, sound sleep by Ant being fussy. Strike one.

Strike two - Work was annoying because I tried to change my network password in the middle of the day when I was prompted to upon logging in, and I've been having problems accessing the damn thing ever since. I was trying to do some work after I got home while the kid is sleeping, and I can't access anything. Grrrr.

Strike three: I called my FIL who was taking care of Ant today to let him know that I'd be home at around 3:30. Wouldn't you know, I arrive, and he had *just* started a bottle. I would SO much rather have fed him myself - instead I had to pump again. I said I would have liked him to hold off for a few minutes, FIL said he tried his best, and I could have been late. Yeah, well fucking call me and find out where I am!!!!!

Strike four (aren't we out by now??) - I left specific instructions with M this morning on the order in which the milk in the fridge was to be used, and they were totally ignored. So now we have to bottle feed Ant at least one more time today, or throw away 6 ounces of milk. Is it REALLY that difficult to use the bottles on the top first, then the milk in the bag, THEN the bottles on the bottom??? Yeah, I didn't think so.

Honestly I'm annoyed with myself too because I thought this morning that I should perhaps put numbers on the milk in the fridge to indicate the order in which it should be used, but decided not to because I was running a little late.

Hopefully the rest of the day will not add to my pissiness!!!


NCD said...

I like the idea of numbering the milk. You could put tupperware in the fridge with post-its that say 1, 2, 3 and just move the bottles into the correct bin. Good luck with the rest of the day. Maybe try to have something nice and calming for yourself. Sounds like a couple of things set you off and now you are a little sensitive to the rest. I do that a lot.

lucky #2 said...

Augh...why do all the annoying things happen on the same day?

Does your FIL watch Ant everyday? That is nice that you have family close by to watch him!

One Mother's Journey said...

Always number the milk... trust me, you'll save your sanity.

My inlaws watched my kids when they were little also and it was both nice and frustrating. I found that they tend to do whatever they want regardless of what you request but at least you know Ant is with someone who loves him. I guess you have to take the good with the bad.

Sorry your day sucked.

Watson said...

I'm so sorry -- I hope your day improved!

(Bad moods must be going around like the flu, I've been in a terrible state the last week or so.)

Eva said...

Sorry about your annoying day -- hope the next one is better! I hear you on husbands using the wrong milk -- all of our milk in fridge and freezer has the date/time it was pumped, but my husband STILL has used the wrong ones and it makes me crazy! I refuse to ever throw out milk and when we have to, I make him do it as it's just too painful. I hope you figure out a system that doesn't result in any more losses.

Ova Girl said...

Hope the day improves! (yeah, milk wastage...shootable offense really)

Laurie said...

Hi! I have been gone for so very long (I haven't even been on my own blog for MONTHS!) and I never ever was around to even say CONGRATULATIONS and I am so incredibly happy for you! And oh, how I remember the micro-managing of the milk supply! I don't think anyone cares but the mommies who are going to the trouble to produce this liquid gold and don't want to see a drop wasted! We're just now completely weaned (15 months - I ended up being lazy about weaning and dragged it out) and I'm still holding on to one last bag of milk in the freezer (which I'd better use soon before it's too late) because I know that's The End.

Congratulations - I'm just THRILLED for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!