Sunday, September 17, 2006

Life is boring... but I think that's good!

When I was trying to get pregnant, and when I was pregnant, I was always somewhat disappointed by the number of people who seemed to disappear from their blogs for extended periods of time once they had given birth.

But now I get it. It's really pretty boring!

He eats. He sleeps. He poops. I sleep. I eat. Occasionally I shower. Less occasionally we give him a bath. (Does that make me a bad mother? How about ignoring it when I hear him poop in his sleep because I don't want to wake him up?)Not much that's worth blogging about. I'll do my best to scrape out an entry though.

Physically I'm back to feeling about 99%. I removed the steri-strips that were holding my incision together yesterday and today (they were put on after the staples were removed), and it does feel better! I spent about two hours this afternoon weeding the garden (chopping down the goldenrod that had overtaken a couple of beds during my forced non-activity period because of the early contractions), and then took A out for a nice 45 minute walk to the store.

Breastfeeding is going pretty well. For some reason it's more painful on the right side than the left, which really doesn't make sense to me. But it's not even close to toe-curling anymore (which it was for a few days), so that's good. I tried lying on my side while feeding for the first time today - I loved it! I had attempted while in the hospital, but lying on my side really hurt at that point. Now, it felt a lot more intimate with A than either the cradle or football holds that I had been alternating between. And more comfortable too, not having to hold up his head.

I should buy stock in the companies that make nursing pads - I am leaking SO much it is really quite astonishing. I tried these new-fangled things called "Li1y Padz" that are supposed to stop leaking and are reusable for a number of months. Not a fan just yet - first of all, I was leaking so much that one of them gave way while I was nursing (in front of my in-laws), leaving a patch of milk on my shirt about the size of a small dinner plate. hahahaha. I tried them again yesterday, and they worked better (although not 100%) to stop the leaking, but it's warm, so I was sweating underneath them. Just doesn't seem like a good thing to me. Maybe I'll be able to use them once it's cooler. I've been using the disposable pads, because I need to change them every time I nurse. I do have some washable ones, but I'm not about to do laundry every day to clean them. Plus they take a long time to dry!


Hoping said...

baby poop and nursing fiascos I want to read them all! I too have noticed how those disappear after birth and don't blame them but would love to hear about your boring life with baby too!

One Mother's Journey said...

Feel free to bore us anytime - we want to know how you're doing.
Leaking in front of your inlaws is always fun...

soralis said...

Leaking... that's always fun!

Sounds like things are going well!

Take care and enjoy!

DD said...

Life of a new mother is never boring! It's just...motherhood!

k #2 said...

I don't think anything can prepare you for the amount of work a little one demands! Oh, of my fave. pics from early on is me sleeping with my daughter tucked in next to me. It is very sweet ... until you look closer and see the HUGE leak stain on my t-shirt. I guess there is a picture for the "private" scrapbook! :)