Saturday, July 25, 2015


Eeeek, okay it's been more than a year since I've posted.  Whew!  In that year, we have all but completed the book - our working title is "No Period. Now What?" and we will be unveiling the cover SOON!  Our plan is that editing and copyediting will be completed by the end of August, then we'll send some copies out for review and proofreading... and publish not too long after that.

In the meantime, there are over 130 pages that we've cut out of the book... so I'm going to start sharing some of that on here, and on our book's site once we have that up and running.

Here's a bit I just cut out of a chapter tonight...

Nico has always asked on the Board, “Do you want to be thin, or pregnant?” It is a choice. Not one that everyone has to make, but it is the bottom line for those of us whose systems are sensitive enough to trigger HA when we are at an energy deficit or overexercising (and stressed). What’s more important to you? Do you want to improve your bone density, heart function, and brain function by getting your period? Or do you want to continue rigid eating and exercise habits and use treatment to possibly get pregnant—then end up right back where you started?

Commentary from Fitty: Whoaaa, hold up a minute. “ . . . sensitive enough to trigger HA”? OK, so while I do agree that there are some who may be sensitive to HA due to genetics, I also believe there may be more women similar to me. I was NOT sensitive to HA. I worked pretty darn hard to create the hole I dug . . . and it was deep. In addition, the unstable and chaotic relationship with my LOWMI (loved one with mental illness) who has schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, added a major stressor cherry right on top! So before some of you decide to run with the “I have a sensitive system and that’s why I have HA” baton, please know that many of us worked relentlessly to get there. If you happen to be a little hardheaded like I am, take the time for a good self-evaluation. It can be helpful to consider that you too may have pushed pretty intensely to get to where you are. By recognizing this, you can now apply that same effort and intensity to get back out!

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Anonymous said...

Hello! I've spent some time reading old posts, but I was wondering if I could have some advice/insight. I came off BCPs 3 months ago and haven't had a period yet. At the 2 month mark I had blood work done, my FSH was 8.2, LH was 4.3, and estradiol 20. I started reading about HA and was/am fairly certain I have it, as I restricted calories and did pretty hard workouts for the past 5ish years while on the pill. Anyway, I started eating more (went from 1400-1500 to 1800-2000) and cut down the intensity of my workouts as well as the days (30-40 mins of lifting 2-3 days a week, but taking lots of rest and never pushing until failure.) My weight went from 125-133 very quickly, my BMI is now 23.5. I had my bloodwork done at the 3 month mark, FSH was 8.4, LH 5, estradiol 23, progesterone 0.2. DHEA and testosterone and prolactin was normal.

Anyway, I read on your blog and the fertile thoughts forum that LH is a better indicator of fertility returning than estradiol? My doctor recommended doing provera followed by clomid, but I'm unsure at this point what to do. With my lab levels, do you think fertility will return by itself soon? I'm just unsure if I need clomid at this point or not. I want a baby very badly, but I don't want to risk the chance of multiples (my doc will not monitor me) if I can get pregnant on my own. I'd appreciate any advice, based on your experience and what you've seen with other HA'ers! I'm wondering if vitex would help at all? From what I've read it wont, but I'm curious since my progesterone is also low.