Thursday, November 11, 2004


[Copied from my first blog, A Nickel for My Thoughts]

I had a really crappy day at work today. Three months (just about) into my new job, I suppose it's about time. Spent all day in completely useless meetings. Four hours of presentations by an outside vendor that I had already seen. Grrr... I don't mind being stuck in meeting so much when I feel like I'm learning something, but to waste my time like that? It really pisses me off. So I ended up leaving work early (yeah, at 5:20 - not really so early!) 'cause although I had a ton of stuff to do today I was just sitting there being pissed (after I got back from the meeting at 5pm) so I decided to come home and do fun things instead.

I'm a pissy driver when I'm frustrated. Not good. People who feel the need to come to a complete stop before making a right turn? Idiots! People who can't stay in their own lane? Morons. Those who drive below the speed limit up to a traffic light that's green, only to have it turn red before I get there (of course, THEY make it through!!!). Imbeciles! Usually I can take these things in stride, but when I'm already in a bad mood, forget it. So much worse. So I get home in a pissier mood than I was when I left. Tonight I could feel it happening and tried my best NOT to choose to be pissy... worked a bit. Not completely though.

I think I'm also getting a cold, which sucks.

And I've been eating GARBAGE over the past week or so. I decided that perhaps I'm not getting my period because I undereat / overexercise, so I thought I'd try not being quite as concerned about the calories I'm eating. Of course that translated almost immediately into buying chocolate and candy. And proceeding to eat it in vast quantities. I really don't know why - yes, it tastes good at the time, but afterwards - who even remembers? Except the scale, of course. ha. I have to get back to writing everything down. Not for losing weight, but just so I'm not eating all this crap.

I'm sad today. I don't know why. Maybe tired.

Weds 11/10 - walked 2 miles, hockey 11-12.
Thurs 11/11 - nothing!
Fri 11/12 - planning on lifting in the morning.
(I need to write this down beforehand so that when I get up tomorrow morning I don't tell myself I don't have to go. I started lifting two years ago, and I've been SO good about it, going almost religiously 2 times a week, up until this new job. Where I can no longer wander in at 10am. So now I have to drag myself out of bed at 6:30 to go and lift, and it's somehow much easier to talk myself out of it at that time rather than at 7:15.)

Anyway, enough rambling. TTFN.

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