Friday, November 10, 2006


Okay, maybe I shouldn't call it that just yet, but today Ant has taken two naps IN HIS CRIB, with nary a peep!

I decided yesterday that what I was doing wrong was letting him fall asleep on me, then trying to put him down after that. So today when he was in his tired phase after being up for 1.5 hours, I took him into his bedroom, shushed him for about three minutes until his eyes were closing, then put him down in his crib and shushed him for a few more minutes. Worked like a charm! He seemed to sleep much better, and I got to make my mom's bday cake for tomorrow. And it worked twice!

Who knew?


S. said...

That is awesome!

lucky #2 said...

I certainly hope that continues. I went through about 2 days where that worked and now Miss M must be held to go to sleep every time!

Oh, how I wish I was "tougher" when she was Ant's age! :) Good luck!

Mari said...

Gotta love those breakthroughs!!!
Also I just wanted to say what a fantastic job you are doing!

soralis said...

That's great!

Ova Girl said...

Yes! It's fantastic when those come. Am sort of, in a wobbly way, getting a nap system worked out, Tricky usually has an hour in the morning afternoon and late afternoon (sort of) but he threw me today by napping for two hours in the morning. God if only I had known he was going to do that I would have planned a bit more stuff to get done as it was I kept hovering by the door expecting him to wake.