Wednesday, October 11, 2006

6 week checkup

Cleared for full activity. Woo-hoo! I have been pretty good about following the rules, although yesterday I carried Ant in his car seat, and obviously the biking that I started last week.

Had a pap test and vag. exam. Oh.My.God. I have never had such a painful cooter check in my life. Doc said because I had a c-section I would be tighter down there than a vag birth, and also breastfeeding means my estrogen is lower, so less lubrication. I have never bled after an exam before (including during the pregnancy, when they would say every time that I might have some spotting afterwards), but I did today. And of course I hadn't brought any protection with me, as I had stopped bleeding last week... and there were also no supplies in the exam room I was in. So I stuffed some toilet paper up there. Lovely.

Doc asked how breastfeeding was going, and how my supply was. I pointed down to the big patch that was already on my hospital gown, and said "no problems there!". I still can't get over the leaking.

The other thing that cracked me up was that as I was getting dressed again, I was checking myself out in the mirror. We don't have a mirror in our bedroom, and the one in the bathroom has decorations on it, so I don't actually look at myself nekkid that much. I had to laugh at my boobs - A) they're *huge* (well, for me anyway, starting at a paltry A cup, to a decent sized C now), and B) the veins on them stand out SO much. I look like a roadmap!


Hoping said...

sorry bout the painful exam, sounds lovely. hurray for bigger boobs though!

S. said...

Ah, I remember that checkup. I had an epistomony (sp?) due to having to use the "salad tongs" to get K out and the stitches were mostly healed but still hurt like hell when they did the pap.

Ugh, I can still feel it!

Good to hear that you got the all clear.

Lori said...

So the pelvic exam was worse than the ones during pregnancy?? Yikes - not looking forward to that!
Enjoy resuming all your activities!!

Leigh said...

So glad to hear that everything looks good. I totally know what you mean about the boobs. I catch myself looking at my cleavage sometimes. The novelty still hasn't worn off. Take it easy as you get back into things. You'll be back to your old fitness level in no time. Take care!

MsPrufrock said...

Congrats on the all-clear!

I found it rather depressing soon after I was home from the hospital that a lot of my pre-pregnancy tops didn't fit because of my monstrous boobs. Sometimes big boobs can be a bad thing, so says the pre-pregnancy C-cup woman. Boo hiss.

fitgrl said...

Great news on the go ahead to do your thing...crappy news on the horrific punani invesitgation!!!!

Hopefully you won't have to have any more like that!

tonya said...

My dog, what did they do in there to make you bleed? Yeeouch!

If it matters at all, (assvice alert!) the leaking might very well taper off in another month or two. I was leaking through every shirt, but it hardly ever happens now. Go Boobies!