Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I hate myself today *more updated*

We got some really lovely pictures of our ultrasound on Monday. Incredible resolution - I took them down to my sister's on Monday night, and we compared with her 18wk ultrasound pics, and ours were much more clear. I was so excited to take them home last night, scan them and email them to people! They gave us the usual strip of pictures on thermal paper, which looked great, and then also blew up a few of them and printed them on regular 8x11 paper. When I was halfway home from work, I flipped through the 8x11 pages to take a quick look at the ones on the thermal paper, which were the ones I was going to scan, but they weren't there. I figured that I must have left them in my computer bag, which is where I transferred them from in the morning, so I would remember to take them home and not leave them in my computer bag at work. ha. Oh well.

But, I came in this morning and couldn't find them! They're definitely NOT in my computer bag. Nor on my desk. Nor in the garage near where I parked, nor in the nearby trash can.

I am so flipping mad at myself. I really can't believe that I could be so stupid as to lose them! I tried calling the clinic, and someone will call me back to let me know if I can get more printed. I really hope that I can. In the meantime, though, I will persist in hating myself.

*update* WHEW! Just heard back from the clinic - the printed me some more pics, and I can get them today. So I can stop with the hating now. But the moral of the story is, don't give me anything important to look after! (Um... like a baby??? Hopefully that's a little harder to lose track of!)

*more update* On M's suggestion I went back to my car to look there again. As soon as I looked behind the passenger seat, I found the pics. They had slipped through the crack between the bottom and back of the seat. So I got myself all worked up for nothing. Sigh.


S. said...

Oh I hope you find them. Are they at your sisters?

Nico said...

No definitely not at my sister's unfortunately. I called her this morning to ask, and totally lost it when she said they weren't there. I was pretty sure I had seen them in the am when I was at work anyway :-(

Em said...

I left my maternity notes in a shop the other day!

S. said...

Good to hear/read that you found them! :)

Now, get to scanning! We want to see Phred. LOL!

pixi said...

Oh, thank goodness. Can't wait to see them!